EEL 6534 Digital Communication Systems


Richard D. Gitlin, Sc.D.
State of Florida 21st Century World Class Scholar
Member, National Academy of Engineering
Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering

Course Objectives

The course topics cover the reliable transmission of digital data streams, emphasizing the fundamental principles, essential components and tradeoffs in modern digital communication systems. This includes transmitter and receiver architectures, and designs at the system level, the ability to apply this knowledge to practical communication channels, and the ability to quantify and evaluate the performance of communication systems, as well as assess and optimize tradeoffs under various channel conditions.

Topics Include

  • Introduction to Digital Communications Systems.
  • Deterministic and Random Signal Analysis.
  • Digital Modulation Schemes.
  • Detection and Estimation Theory for the Gaussian Channel.
  • Introduction to Information Theory.
  • Error Control and Coding.
  • Carrier and Timing Synchronization.
  • Communications over Band-Limited Channels.
  • Prerequisite (recommended)

    Undergrad course in probability, EEL 4512 Introduction to Com. Systems, EEL 4102 Linear Systems Analysis.